Opt Out Prescreen – How to End Junk Mail Immediately

Nearly everyone with a mailing address is familiar with prescreened credit offers. Although these offers aren’t necessarily bad, they can be pesky, and it can be tiresome tearing them up and throwing them in the trash all the time. What most people don’t know is that they have the ability to stop credit card offers […]

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Reporting Identity Theft: How To Do It Without Losing Your Mind

Having your identity compromised or stolen can be a stressful time for anyone who is victimized. You’ll likely feel overwhelmed and wonder how to report identity theft. You’ll want to know what steps to take to clear everything up and prevent it from happening again. It is a multi-step process, but if you follow our […]

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The Best All-In-One Resource for Credit Fraud Alerts

A fraud alert is an important step to take if you suspect that you may be falling victim to identity theft or fraud. There are different types of credit alerts for various circumstances. Learning about the different kinds can better prepare you to take action if any of your accounts become compromised. In addition to […]

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Valuable Statistics About Identity Theft You Need To Know

  Along with advances in technology in recent years, there has also been an increase in identity theft cases. The numbers have varied quite a bit in different areas. Because there are so many avenues for identity theft and fraud, there are many ways in which it may occur. There are a few examples of […]

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Search Warrant Issued to Wells Fargo Bank for ID Theft!

The California Dept. of Justice has launched an investigation on Wells Fargo & Co. over the alleged engagement in criminal identity theft. The bank was charged with the productions of unsanctioned customer accounts, as stated in the search warrant delivered to the bank’s headquarters in San Francisco. Millions of these alleged accounts were made over […]

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Avoiding Voter Fraud During the 2016 Presidential Election

  Throughout the United States, the many districts and states make sure that who you say you are is your real identity. There isn’t a single state that doesn’t verify this in someway. The only difference and the one that really matters is how these states are identifying who you are. There are various methods […]

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3 Sneaky Tips to Avoid ID Theft on Online Dating Sites

  Online dating is a great way to meet people in an interconnected world led by the Internet. You might not have ever met these people in your normal day-to-day life, and are afforded a great experience. Though it has helped us a lot in some aspects, online dating can lead to problems we haven’t […]

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